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Beth Bakes specialises in the unique flavours of your dreams! Not only are there the usual chocolate and

vanilla, but Monster Enery, Irn Bru and Blue WKD! If the flavour can be imagined,

Beth Bakes tries to bring it to life.


The most special thing about Beth Bakes cupcakes are that the sponges carry the flavour as well as the

topping. Malteser cupcakes are made with Ovaltine and crushed Maltesers. Cherry cola is a cola and cherry



Cupcakes are available to order in boxes of 6, with one flavour per box. At events, Beth Bakes has up to

40+ flavours available often leading to some hard decisions!


Allergens can be tough for anyone and Beth Bakes cannot gurantee any product is nut, wheat, gluten,

dairy, soya or egg free (or any other allergen) but will always try to accomodate you as best as possible.

If you are looking to attend an event, please email, phone or text the week before to see if an alternative

cupcake can be made for you.



At last count, there were over 100 different flavours with new ones added every month. For full flavours,

please email or contact via Facebook, phone or contact sheet.


Chocolate brownies are delicious in many different flavours and can be made using many chocolate and biscuit toppings. Please contact us with your ideas and we will work to make them a reality!







Cupcake bouquets


Cupcake bouquets are incredibly popular and come in three standard sizes: small (7 cupcakes), medium (12 cupcakes) or large (19 cupcakes). They are available in chocolate, lemon or vanilla cake with vanilla or lemon buttercream.


Prices are:


Small.......................... £25

Medium.................... £35

Large.......................... £45





















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